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Holistic Practice  Dott. Eugenio Bacchini

Counseling, Coaching, Life Change (Personal Transformation)

Holistic Counseling integrates various approaches to the study of the mind in order to fuse them in a unified concept of the Self. From ancient Eastern spiritual traditions to the most recent research on psychology and mindful education, personalized methods are utilized to:

- Facilitate self-awareness and self improvement;

- Learn how to block automatic negative responses;

- Improve interpersonal relationships and communicational skills;

- Create a satisfying individual lifestyle;

- Enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Holistic Counseling incorporates:

- Psychosynthesis and NLP exercises;

- Guided imagery;

- Relaxation and breathing exercises;

- Expressive techniques such as free-form design, sound/music, and various forms of written exercises such as diaries and autobiographical sketches.

Each of us is faced with difficulties on a daily basis that can generate frustration, poor self-image, a sense of inadequacy, and fear of being incapable of confronting situations and complexities deriving from the frenetic rhythm of the lives we lead. Even without resulting in pathologies, constant frustration, poor self-image and an overriding sense of inadequacy cause stress and can lead to various forms of depression or anxiety.

Through Holistic Counseling, you can enrich your relationship with yourself and with others. Through a supportive relationship with a Counselor, personalized  exercises of breathing and stress-relaxation, guided imagery, and the practice of meditation, as well as through the use of various expressive techniques, you can improve self-esteem and discover the gratification of a sense of well-being and balance.

With time and adequate training, you can learn to utilize the available moments throughout the day to recharge yourself, increase self-awareness, block negative emotions, relax, and develop inner harmony.

Individual, family, and group counseling.

Dott. Eugenio Bacchini

Professional Counselor FAIP

Holistic Counselor SICOOL

SIPT member

Professional Counselor EAC

IRCEP Italian representative at the Steering Committee of EAC



Tel: 347 00 12 432

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